Encourage your students to host and go with AFS in 2010
    Barbara Y. Wills

    Re: Encourage your students to go and host with AFS in 2010

    Barbara Y. Wills

    On 12/26/09, byw wrote:
    > If you would like to work with students who are
    > international and also accompany groups from time to
    > you may want to become an AFS volunteer. AFS-USA partners
    > with 40 countries and have been hosting and sending
    > exchange students for more than 60 years. It is the
    > program in the world.
    > See (for information on going or sending
    > someone go to "going abroad" and if one is interested in
    > hosting go to "hosting").
    > You may also phone 1-800-876-2377 for your regional

    For your students who may wish to go as high school foreign
    exchange students, they need to apply NOW for next year
    summer, semester and gap year programs. Scholarships are
    available now, but will be very limited after February 1st.

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