Encourage your folks to host and/or send an AFSers in 2010
    Barbara Wills

    Dear Counselor Educators,

    I am sure that adding an AFS student to your schools
    would assist your students with learning a new culture and
    language. Naturally,
    encouraging them to go on an AFS exchange is even better.
    Contact and click on hosting or going abroad for
    more details or call 1-800-AFS-INFO for materials for your
    office. Applications from abroad are already arriving in
    the USA for students needing host families. Families can
    make a wish list such as would
    like a female/male, plays a particular sport, is involved
    in music or particular hobby, etc. It is easier to match
    the students with the best possible family if the family
    applies early. AFS-USA is the leading exchange organization
    in the world and partners with 40 other countries and has
    been for over 60 years.

    Dr. Barbara Y. Wills
    Miss Tennky Area AFS Volunteer Leadership Team PR Chair
    Retired Educator