Re: Praxis II Survey

    On 10/24/03, Roy wrote:
    > I also believe after getting straight A's on 30 hrs of course
    > work. I have taken the praxis 3 times and get just close
    > enough to passing it and do not. Unfortunately, I am a fast
    > track teacher who is a go getter. At 47, I'm teaching in a
    > classroom and have been doing so since July 02. Sadly enough,
    > if I fail to pass this core content test I will be out the door
    > in 1 1/2 years. I'm spending a lot of money try to pass the
    > test. Roy
    > On 10/21/03, jamie wrote:
    >> Hello Dan. I do not know if you want a response to this
    >> question, but I will give it anyway. NO I DO NOT FEEL THE
    >> is pretty clear how I feel about the praxis. I would rather
    >> have to prepare a portfolio for two years than to have to
    >> take the praxis! The praxis questions ( I feel) do not
    >> measure my knowledge. In all of my Master level class, the
    >> instructors preach about not to assess students on just
    >> test. Then why is the praxis the only way one is assessed!
    >> Sorry if you do not need this info- I just had to let
    >> someone know how I feel.I guess I feel some what diffrent than the others. I am entering
    teaching at 47 years old and have been out of school for alot of
    years. The content knowledge test was tough, I took it in Social
    Studies that is a broad field. I passed it the first try. But I
    spent hour apon hour preparing. Is any test going to assess each
    persons knowledge level perfectly? NO but there has to be some
    >> On 1/06/03, Dan wrote:
    >>> Hi and Happy New Year,
    >>> I'm conducting a one question survey. If you have
    >>> taken the Praxis II Content Knowledge Exam in your
    >>> discipline, did you find the exam valid? Yes or No and
    >>> Why or why not? This information will be used to
    >>> determine whether or not to use this exam as a measure of
    >>> content knowledge for teachers applying for advanced
    >>> compensation. We already have portfolio and performance
    >>> measurements, but we are trying to determine which exam
    >>> would be appropriate to get an objective measure of
    >>> content knowledge.
    >>> Thanks for your help,
    >>> Dan