Opportunites for 18+ (Summer Australian Ranching)
    Barbara Y. Wills

    Dear Educators,

    If you know of 18+ young adults who love to ride horses
    send this to them. This would be a great program for them
    this summer in Australia. Our local web site is and national is
    df ( This is the exact link.)

    This is another of our AFS-USA programs that students who
    are 18+ may apply. There are others including community
    service and an archeologial dig in Tunisia. These are all
    listed on the web site. The local contact is Becky Heywood
    at and 615-383-5458.

    Keep in mind that AFS-USA has many other programs for the
    summer for younger students where there are still openings
    for the summer, semester, gap and year-long. You may view
    them on the then click on going abroad.
    The Miss Tennky Area AFS Volunteer Leadership Team also has
    many great applications for students who are scheduled to
    be in our area in the fall for a year.
    Thanks for assisting AFS spread international peace and
    Dr. Barbara Y. Wills, NCC, LPC

    going abroad