Re: Worst Districts
    Carmon Brooks

    On 7/16/10, Elaine wrote:
    > On 6/01/10, LV4 wrote:
    >> On 5/14/10, Moving In wrote:
    >>> What are the districts to avoid in Kentucky? I am moving to
    >>> Eastern KY and I have heard some bad things and good things
    >>> about a couple of districts.
    > Eastern Kentucky has some very fine school districts. I am not
    > sure exactly where you are moving, but check out their websites
    > and the local newspapers to see what they have been doing
    > lately. Kentucky's Superintendent of the Year is from Eastern
    > Kentucky originally, so we can't all be bad.

    The Eastern KY school districts I've seen are from the Middle Schools
    there. Johnson, Bates, and a couple of more. They rock as academic
    teams and their sponsors and parents are super nice! I think it would
    be great to work for one of those schools.