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Hi...I'm looking for a KY elementary teacher who would like to participate in ONE or BOTH projects I'm organizing this year.

The first project to take place is our leaf exchange project. In a nutshell, you will choose a preapproved tree to pick leaves from. You will press them and glue them onto cardstock 6x6ish paper. You will label the tree name and state it came from. On the back you can (optional) tell some facts about this specific tree and a little about your classroom. I'm hoping to get at least thirty participants from around the US to join this exchange. This will take place in October 2010. I will include examples of what you can do with your leaves when you get them and how you can connect this project to your state standards.

The other project I have going is the postcard exchange project. I still need one elem. teacher to represent KY. You will need to get or make at least 49 postcards to send to the remaining states in the US. (Not sure if I can get a fe...See More

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