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It is that time of year to look into the future and look
for new adventure. This is the time to think about
bringing an exchange teacher and/or student into your home,
community, and/or school for next year. There is no cost
to your school system to host a teacher. Schools who have
discovered our programs have one every year. There is
still time for you to apply as an AFS Global Educator for
the summer or the fall semester or year. What better way
to help promote peace than to be involved with a great
organization with this as their main mission.

Contact AFS-USA through the web sites or call 1-800-876-2377
for more details and bulletins. The organization also
always needs volunteers if you feel that you can not go or
host. There is always a place for you. I am a school
counselor, sponsor of an AFS Club at my school, and serve as
the PR Chair for the Miss Tennky Area Leadership Tea...See More

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