Re: Preparing for Testing

    On 1/24/03, Cat wrote:
    > On 1/23/03, fox wrote:
    >> Just wondering if everyone is as stressed as I am about the
    >> TEST! I teach 5th grade and am absolutely killing myself
    >> trying to get all the core content in before the testing
    >> window. I feel like I can't do a good job teaching
    >> because I have to cram so much into every day. We can't
    >> spend adequate time on any concept-just when the kids are
    >> really enjoying a topic, I have to move on to the next
    >> one. I wish we didn't have the test looming over our heads
    >> everyday. The children are feeling the stress just as much
    >> as I am. I feel like I am preparing my kids to take a test
    >> instead of giving them a well-rounded education.
    > Yes, Fox that is all we're doing prepping for the test from
    > January until testing. They're not being properly taught. I
    > am ready for a revolt! Hey Fox, are you still out there prepping for those test
    in a few weeks, 30 something days? This is the time of year I
    love being a resource room teacher expecially for the 13, 4th
    and 5th graders I have. Let's see 5th grade is no longer
    teaching reading because they have been doubling up on
    mathematics and social studies which takes up 4 hours of the
    school day. Add to that an hour of arts and humanities taught
    now instead of science we are up to 5 hours a day. Add 25 min.
    for lunch, 20 for recess and 30 min for a special class and
    that equals no reading! Now let's ask how much the reading
    resource room students have digressed since January?
    On to 4th grade WOW guess what they are stressing right
    now? You guessed it science, reading and those writing
    portfolios. I am so appreciative of our principal reminding me
    that we will have no novices this year. I did remind her that
    we have several students with IQs below 60, baby those kids
    can flat out write a feature article! Not to mention those who
    have a writing disability with limited vocabulary and have
    reading levels below 2nd grade.

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