Re: Elementary school NOT needed for eagle visit.
state list fulffilled

    On 8/26/02, Sonja Back wrote:
    > On 8/23/02, Sharon Rowe wrote:
    >> On 8/02/02, Eagles4Kids wrote:
    >>> Elmer the Eagle leaves for his 50 states tour in September.
    >>> Only ONE elementary school per state will get to host our
    >>> charming little fellow.
    >>> We need one elementary school to offer to host our friend
    >>> for 1 week during the 2002-03 school year.Thank you.
    >>> We need the following information so we can make sure we
    >>> have enough stuff in the box for your kids. Please send us
    >>> School Name Menifee County Middle School
    >>> School Address Box 343
    >>> School City Frenchburg
    >>> School State Kentucky
    >>> School Zip 40316
    >>> Teacher Name Sonja Back
    >>> Class Grade 6th
    >>> How many teachers in your grade? Four-Team teaching
    >>> Month Preference? October
    >>> Approx. Class Size. 75 students enrolled in four classes
    >>> Principal Name Benny Patrick
    > School Phone 606-768-8252
    >>> School Fax 606-768-8300
    >>> Contact
    >>> Elmer the Eagle travels as a large stuffed animal with a
    >>> travel journal. He will have a sample set of learning
    >>> folders. You will be asked as a class to answer questions
    >>> in the journal, decorate pages in the journal to represent
    >>> your area and State. Also, your class will be featured as
    >>> the host school and class for your entire state on our web
    >>> make them proud.
    >>> We look forward to receiving your information and finalize
    >>> the visit. You will receive a packet in the mail for your
    >>> students to let them know about Elmer.
    >>> Thank you for signing up and Elmer looks forward to meeting
    >>> you soon. FOr more information go to
    >>> Melissa Dylag
    >>> President
    >>> Eagles 4 Kids