Re: My daughter is moving to Kentucky!
Auston Sexton

    On 3/03/03, Susan Baker wrote:
    > We live in East Texas. Mydaughter is graduating in May,
    > certified in secondary with kines. and biology. Her husband
    > will be stationed in Fort Knox. How hard is it to get
    > certified? What is the situation with the public schools in
    > the area? What schools would be good for her to apply to?
    > How hard is it to get certified in Kentucky? I teach in Tx.
    > What about the starting salaries in Kent.? How do ya'll
    > rank? Any districts that you DON"T recommend? Thanks!I was surfing this website and saw your post. My father is
    prinicpal at Louisville high school. I can see if he has any
    positions available in Biology. I work for Allied Capital
    Corp. If they are looking for home, fannie mae provides
    special financing for teachers in kentucky.. I can provide
    the financing options. Just a thought.


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