Re: KY needed for postcard exchange

    On 6/09/03, mac wrote:
    > On 6/07/03, eska wrote:
    >> If interested in joining an exchange for the 2003-04 school
    >> year, let me know.
    > What is the focus of this exchange? For instance, year before
    > last my classes participated in an exchange of historical
    > monuments/places from each state.
    > macHI mac,
    In this exchange you would send each class on our list a
    postcard containing info about your school, state, etc. It is
    a great way to teach map skills, as well as other Social
    Studies, Science, etc. Usually you can get students and
    parents to help supply the cards and postage. Ideally, we
    would like to have a class from each state and DC. If
    interested email me. I need your name, email address, school
    name, address, and grade level.

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