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Elmer the Eagle leaves for his 50 states tour in September.
Only ONE elementary school per state will get to host our
charming little fellow.
We need one elementary school to offer to host out friend
for 1 week during the 2002-03 school year.Thank you.

We need the following information so we can make sure we
have enough stuff in the box for your kids. Please send us
the information below and we will let you know soon when
you can expect Elmer in your classroom!

School Name
School Address
School City
School State
School Zip
Teacher Name
Class Grade
How many teachers in your grade?
Month Preference?
Approx. Class Size.
Principal Name
School Phone
School Fax
Contact e-mail:

Elmer the Eagle travels as a large stuffed animal with a
travel journal. He will have a sample set of learning
folders. You will be asked as a class to answer questions
in the journal, deco...See More

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