Re: Do they really pee test teachers?

    Obviously you have not applied in the real world for a job. Even
    Wal-Mart door greeters must take a drug test. Our school randomly
    drug tests all students. You may live in Utopia, which I doubt, but
    if you have nothing to hide, why make such a big deal about what is
    common practice in most of the US? There are thing I would rather
    do than pee in a cup but, this makes sure I am not working with or
    teaching a drug head so again I say, Pass the cup! There may be
    issues worth getting upset about but this surely is not one to me!
    Have a great life.

    On 5/19/08, to johnv wrote:
    > On 5/19/08, johnv wrote:
    >> We expect our students to randomly pee in a cup. Are we better
    >> than our students? Get in the real world! almost any job
    >> requires a drug test. Bring it on!
    > I would never expect students to randomly pee in a cup. I
    > consider this an invasion of privacy. If someone's use is
    > causing an issue, it will be discovered. If it is not causing
    > an issue, then it is a non-issue.
    > Stay away from my bodily waste!!!!
    > Not a user, but supporter of people's right to choose.