Re: Do they really pee test teachers?

    Haaa! We do agree on something. Drug screening for most, I SAID MOST,
    welfare receipients would cut down on the amount of tax dollars spent
    to support the lifestyle that is ripping our nation apart. But, if I
    expect them to pee in a cup, so will I. I have nothing to hide. Don't
    give me the privacy BS because anyone can take your name and have a
    conplete background search done in ten minutes. That is an invasion of
    privacy. Peeing in a cup is minor in my book considering all the other
    threats that are out there. What can they learn from a cup
    of "pwhatever"? Where I live? No! SS number? No! Bank accounts? No!
    Given a little "research" time on the internet things change. Close
    up "live" video of your house? Yes! Who lives in your house? Yes! How
    much you make? Yes! Are you single? Yes! These are the thing that worry
    me about privacy. $9.99 on E-bay will yield software to do all the
    above searches without you even knowing about it. Just seems your
    priorities are a little skewed, but have a great day anyway!

    On 5/22/08, LaTeach wrote:
    > Most "real world" jobs require you to submit to random urine tests.
    > That being said, I've been working in the "real world" for over 10
    > years now (4 in education) and have never been asked to submit a
    > sample. The real question you should ask yourself is what kind of
    > example are you setting for children if you're worried about the
    > outcome of the test?
    > And on my other soapbox why is it that I have to be subject to a
    > random urine test in order to have a job, pay taxes, social security,
    > etc., yet welfare receipients are not required to take one in order
    > to receive assistance? Think of the how much the state could save
    > (and re-invest in education) if this were the case!