Re: All Maine teachers are not the same!

    On 3/02/03, Barbara Goode wrote:
    > Some teachers made a HUGE mistake alright. They're suppose
    > to be educated don't make me laugh. No matter how adults
    > feel about Iraq, war, our president etc. YOU LEAVE CHILDREN
    > OUT OF IT. These kids have enough on their plates they
    > don't need to be insulted and their parents trashed.
    > Parents who fight for our freedom so these low life teachers
    > can talk their "child abusing" trash. We were an Army
    > family for 25 yrs, my husband fought for this country in
    > Viet Nam we know first hand the hardship military kids have
    > to go through. I hope these teachers will get fired for
    > they're NOT FIT to teach. Your senators and congressmen our
    > president have already been notified. You don't mess with
    > the military people who DEFEND YOU and our country.