Re: Out of State Teacher Trying to complete MN License
Minnesota Teacher

    good Afternoon, Confused in St. Paul:
    The first place you should contact is the Minnesota Department
    of Education either via the web, by telephone or in person at
    their heaquarters in the St. Paul suburb of Roseville.I live
    in the area and have gone to D.O.E. a walk-in basis on more
    than one occasion to take care of business to the Dept. of
    Education building behind the Super Target on State Highway 36
    and Snelling Avenue (Hwy 51).

    It is not clear to me whether or not you already have Teacher
    Certification in the state of Michigan in addition to a
    Teaching Degree from Northern Michigan University or not.

    Whatever the case may be, bring a copy of your Michigan
    Teaching License and all course transcripts from NMU or any
    other school you earned credit from along with any proopf of
    state or Praxis scores you may have passed to see what
    Minnesota License your Michigan Certification would convert to
    or if there is additional coursework which needs to be taken
    at a Minnesota university and/or additional Minnesota Teacher
    Certification Exams which may need to be taken for Minnesota

    If there are any additional courses which need to be taken,
    they should be able to definitavely tell you which classes
    from which colleges/universities they'll accept towards
    certification. The colleges will all tell you that their class
    will satisfy the states requirement and that you need to take
    this whole list of courses whether it is accurate or not;
    afterall the colleges want your tuition money. Consult with
    the state first and make sure.

    Alternative Certification is almost non-existant here because
    the teacher surplus is so large here in all subject area's,
    and the Colleges of Education in Minnesota turns out more
    graduates each year than they know what to do with even with
    all the teacher layoffs we have had for decades.

    Another thing not working in your favor is that school
    districts, local communites, state agencies, and the general
    population here are very provincial and tend to look at
    college degree's and people moving from other states with a
    certain amount of suspicion or mistrust. In many cases people
    from the upper-midwest are not real welcoming to those from
    outside the immediate area, in my opinion. This maybe a factor
    in why no one will give you a straight, clear, accurate answer.

    I would even network through a website called It is a group for professionals who have
    transplanted and relocated to Minneapolis and St. Paul from
    outside Minnesota. They have professional events,networking
    and even social events. I've never checked into the group, but
    it might be worth it.

    Best of Luck in finding the answers you need and getting your
    Minnesota Teacher Certification and staying in the Twin Cities.


    Minnesota Teacher.

    On 2/23/08, Confused in St. Paul wrote:
    > I have a secondary (k-12) teaching license from Northern
    > MI University. I have been teaching 9th grade English in
    > MN for the last 2 years and would like to continue.
    > I can not for the life of me figure out what classes I
    > need to take to complete my MN license. Seem different
    > whoever I ask.
    > Has anyone moved from MI to MN? Where did you complete
    > the classes necessary to complete your license? HELP!