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Attention Teachers,

For over the past eight years, PTC has been a vital part of a technological literacy movement in the United States that seeks to improve critical thinking and multidimensional problem-solving skills. To help drive this initiative, PTC offering Pro/ Engineer WF 3.0 initial workshops this summer. Some dates are already set ([link removed]!

This opportunity is not to be missed!

Schools Edition provides students with the opportunity to use the same industry leading software used by colleges, universities and professional engineers. It is easy to learn and use, and includes fully associative capabilities spanning modeling, assemblies, drawings, animations, kinematic analysis and design optimization, renderings and more.

After you complete the Pro/ENGINEER Schools Edition training, PTC will provide you with 300 seats of Pro/ENGINEER Schools Edition at no cost (Each software “seat” has retail value of $2500! This means you will recei...See More
Aram Khachaturyan Could you please tell me if you will have workshops in St. Petersburg, Florida in the next couple of months? Thanks Aram Khachaturyan
Jul 9, 2008

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