Christy Z

    It sounds like you are in it deep. I dont think there is
    really anyone you can call or report the problem to. It sounds
    like it is a district problem that would have to be handled
    starting with a new principal. Im really sorry that you are
    stuck in this terrible situation. I think I would resign. You
    cant be expected to teach in such conditions. Please know that
    all schools are not like this. If you are going to stay, I
    would just work on having excellent classroom manag.
    techniques. Shut and lock the door and create your own
    separate learning enviornment in your classroom. Try to create
    an oasis among the confusion. good luck, Ill pray for you!
    CZOn 10/10/07, JPS-11 wrote:
    > I would resign.
    > On 10/10/07, FRUSTRATED IN HOLMES COUNTY wrote:
    >> Hello,
    >> I am a new teacher to the profession and I have began
    >> teaching in a critical needs, Level One School in Durant,
    >> MS. The children practically run the school. Teachers are
    >> cursed at, threatened, subjected to daily fights and only
    >> two security guards are at the school to assist with the
    >> 500 plus students there. Before I signed my contact, I
    >> never imagined the headache and stress associated with the
    >> position. It is a complete nightmare. I was wondering if
    >> there was a State Contact to refer the matter to. I looked
    >> on the Mississippi Department of Education website and I do
    >> not see a link. Could someone offer suggestions?