Re: Relocating to New Mexico from CA

    If you qualify for a level 1 license you will make around $33,000;
    a level 2 license you will make $40,000-43,000. I'm not sure which
    they will give you. If they give you level 1, you will be able to
    get level 2 within 2-3 years. However, you will have a higher
    standard of living even with these salaries than you had in CA. To
    give you a price comparison, you can buy a cute little house here
    for $150,000-180,0000 (might need new carpet or something) and a
    nice, large, charming 2br apartment in a decent neighborhood for
    about $700-800/month. I pay $650 for a good sized, renovated 2 br
    apartment but the neighborhood is a little sketchy.

    On 2/03/06, Claudia wrote:
    > I am curious as to what the average teacher salary is? I have 4
    > years teaching so what would I be making? I have a masters
    > degree and have maxed the salary scale in ca. I make over 50K,
    > what would i make there?
    > On 1/31/06, rw wrote:
    >> I'm in Albuquerque and can answer questions you might have. It
    >> is hard to get an administrator job around here, but there are
    >> teaching openings. Albuquerque is a huge district-- about 150
    >> schools if you count the charter schools-- so there's all
    >> kinds. New schools will be opening around Rio Rancho over the
    >> next few years.
    >> I like living in Albuquerque but Rio Rancho is cheaper.
    >> However, Albuquerque has the charm of the university,
    >> coffeeshops, funky restaurants, huge trees, etc. Rio Rancho is
    >> more "boring" but a lot of people with families move there
    >> because it's more affordable...not that Albuquerque is that
    >> expensive but housing prices are going up faster than ever
    > before.