Re: Substitute Teaching: input please?

    On 8/03/06, Jan Conwell wrote:
    > Hello from Florida!
    > We're currently stationed at Eglin AFB. My husband and I
    > will be moving to the Las Cruces/Alamagordo next summer
    > when he retires from the AF. I've taught (Civil Service)
    > in Air Force tech schools and faculty development for
    > almost ten years, but have no formal teaching
    > certification. I've also subbed (K-12) in Texas and
    > Montana.
    > My goal is to work part time as a substitute once we
    > move...could someone advise me as to the pay,
    > requirements, and general atmosphere for subs?
    > Thanks!
    > Jan
    > P.S. I've enjoyed reading the threads on this board--very
    > helpful.Jan-
    I live in Carlsbad, which is about 2.5 hours sw of
    Alamogordo. I have been subbing since I moved here last
    year. The pay here stinks, but then again, they let anyone
    without a serious criminal record substitute as long as they
    are 18, or maybe 19. Pay last year was $50 a day. Thats it!
    It went up to $65 this year. I find this frustrating because
    I moved from Iowa, who only let certified teachers
    substitute, and pay was anywhere from $100-$150 a day. As a
    certified teacher, I find it unfair that the pay is the
    same, but that's just me. Anyway, good luck!