Re: New Mexico tier system

    I *think* it is linked to the level of license. So if you
    get a level 1 license you should be tier 1 and if you get a
    level 2 license you should be tier 2. BTW, yes, you will always get 100 different stories from 100
    different people...if you can ever actually get anyone on
    the phone (which will take a minor miracle).

    It is mostly linked to years taught and degrees (you need an
    M.A. to get to tier 3 but you can be in tier 1 or 2 with
    just a B.A.). However, it is also linked to writing dossiers
    (like a very structured, specific portfolio) so sometimes
    you may have to teach at a lower tier until you write the
    dossier even if you have the years of teaching to be at a
    higher level.

    In terms of years teaching and degrees it is objective, but
    in terms of passing the dossier it is objective. If you have
    taught for 5 years in NM and cannot pass the dossier then
    you lose your license. However, as far as I know they don't
    have quotas or pressure to fail people. One year, 8 people
    at my school wrote a dossier and 7 passed.

    In all probability if you have taught 1-3 years, you will be
    tier 1. If you have taught 5 or more years you will get tier
    2 (or maybe 3 if you have many years of experience and a
    Master's Degree). If you have taught 3-5 years it's probably
    less clear so you'll just have to wait and see.

    On 3/20/07, Montserrat D. wrote:
    > Can someone please tell me about the tier system in New
    > Mexico? Who determines the tier level(1, 2) at which you
    > hired? - the state's licensure department, or the local
    > public school district? Also WHAT exactly determines the
    > tier? - years taught?, university credits?, special
    > cetifications? non-university training hours? Is the tier
    > process objective? subjective?
    > I have received a different answer from each person in the
    > licensure office. Thank you very much for your help. I have
    > BCLAD credential (license) from California and have
    > for a New Mexico licence. Thank you very much.