Re: Great districts in New Mexico? Moving out of Michigan..
Derek Clark

    On 4/28/07, Brandon wrote:
    > What would be a great district to work in New Mexico (in
    > terms of available jobs, good salary, good students, nice
    > area, etc)?
    > My fiance and I are thinking about moving out of
    > Michigan, due to the poor economy there. We are 27 and
    > 25, and we both just received our teaching certificates
    > (secondary) and I have endorsements in Physics and
    > Earth/Space Sciences, and she has endorsements in Social
    > Studies, History, Spanish, and ESL.
    > Thank you!Hello, my name is Derek Clark. I was looking through this
    web site and came across your statement. I am sure you will
    recieve many varying replies based on where people live in
    New Mexico.

    I teach sceince in Southeastern New Mexico. To tell you
    the truth - New Mexico school districts vary. We have some
    of the most mixed multicultural school districts by region
    you may ever see. If your looking for a big city life
    Albuquerque or Las Cruces NM would be better. Honestly, Las
    Cruces is better than Albuquerque. There is a big difference
    between Northern Mew Mexico and Southern New Mexico. The
    southern half is more conservitive if you will.

    There are many respected small school districts in the
    state. I teach at a small Double A school. We have 175
    students 9-12. We are the 5th highest paying schools in the
    state. You would be suprised but many of the smaller
    districts pay way more than the bigger school school

    Sceince teachers are in high demand in New Mexico plus
    ESL are also. I know Albuqurque is opining up two new high
    schools this year and they are looking for teachers big

    I don't if this helped you much. Both of my parents were
    teachers for 30 yrs. here in New Mexico....if you have more
    specific questions I could help.

    Derek Clark