Re: HQT
    Southern transplant

    This school year will be my second year without a fulltime
    teaching position. Having your special education degree
    alone makes it much more likely that you will get a
    position. Math and science positions are also great areas to
    become HQ. Do you have a masters? Go to
    and you will be able to view the positions that are available
    statewide. When are you moving? School here doesn't start
    until late August in most places if you are moving soon.

    On 8/04/09, Jessia wrote:
    > I have a special education cert in GA and NY. I am going to
    > apply for an Ohio cert but I want to make sure I am HQT in
    > specific areas. Right now I am HQT in reading and elem.
    > social sci (soc studies) in GA.I was HQT in ELA and
    > physical sci in NY due to the HOUSSE rubric. Any
    > suggestions on specific subjects in which I should become a
    > HQT? I hear it is very competetive in NE Ohio.