Re: Reciprocity CA to OR

    On 6/26/06, Shelley wrote:
    > On 6/18/06, Shawn wrote:
    >> On 6/11/06, Megan Leach wrote:
    >>> I am working on my CA credential and will be done in one
    >>> year. At that time I am planning to move to the Portland
    >>> area. Does anyone have any experience with getting an
    >> Oregon
    >>> credential from a California credential? Any tips or
    >> helpful
    >>> comments?
    >>> Thanks!
    >> Hi,
    >> I moved to Portland last summer with a fresh CA credential
    >> in hand. I'm not sure what your subject area is, but here
    >> is some info: Oregon does not accept CSET tests - you may
    >> have to take one or more (in my case four) Praxis exams.
    >> Virtually all Portland area schools will only hire if you
    >> have an Initial license (as opposed to the Transitional
    >> one). Unless you are Special Ed perhaps. This will entail
    >> taking a 1/2 day class on civil rights and Oregon law,
    >> submitting fingerprints, passing all PRAXIS tests (and ORELA
    >> for Middle School), submitting offical transcripts, and
    >> sending in some money. I think that is all. I've spent
    >> about 6 months getting it all together. TSPC takes about 30
    >> days to process applications. I would sign up for the civil
    >> rights class (link on TSPC site) and register for any PRAXIS
    >> tests you might need.
    >> It is all a pain in the neck - but Portland is wonderful.
    >> Depending on your area, there are some jobs (Math, ESL,
    >> Spanish Immersion, Special Ed) - also, there are many
    >> districts surrounding Portland that are growing. I hear
    >> many people substitute for the first year (you need a
    >> license to do this). I ended up volunteering at a middle
    >> school and tutoring at a local high school. I haven't found
    >> a job yet - but PPS has only just posted openings.
    >> Good Luck
    >> Shawn
    > In my experinece, I got CA credential Multi Subject in 2004. I
    > think they do accept both MSAT and CSET because the grandfather
    > clause. So all you have to do is take the Civil Rights Class
    > and you will have an Initial licnese. Oh by the way, you do
    > not need a masters degree for Initial 2 license. TSPC recently
    > changed the rule so your post bachelor credits should be
    > equivalent to a masters degree.Hi Everyone,

    I am pretty much on the same boat. I received my Professional
    Clear Multiple Subjects Credential from California Spring of 2005.
    That means I passed the CSET, CBEST, RICA, and have my CLAD
    endorsement to teach English Language Learners. I relocated to
    Oregon last month. I have my Initial Teaching Credential from
    Oregon, but in order to get my Initial I credential, the TSPC says
    I need to take the ORELA and Praxis for ESOLA (To teach English
    Language Learners).I find it very frustrating to pass all these
    tests in California, but still have to retake it. Any advice or
    ways to get around it?