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I am working on my CA credential and will be done in one
year. At that time I am planning to move to the Portland
area. Does anyone have any experience with getting an Oregon
credential from a California credential? Any tips or helpful

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anon You might want to take a look at this site because there are some changes coming beginning this September:

[link removed]

That's of course assuming you are elementary and actually need to take the test. The previous tests were always stupid because elementary teachers don't need to be "experts" in every subject anyway, but they ...See More
Apr 7, 2012
anon BTW, if you haven't taken it already, you WILL be required to take the civil rights exam regardless of whether you have taught or not or whether or not you have taught in another state. That will set you back another $130. You can't even get licensed as a substitute in Oregon without taking this test.

No matter what, this state is going t...See More
Apr 8, 2012
Aaron Thanks for the link, it looks like the OR test will change in Sep. Whatever it is, I don't want to have to deal with it, I can't find anything about new reciprocity rules though. They seem to enjoy keeping it as vague as possible. I'm not worried about the Multiple Subjects subject matter test, I could pass that in my sleep, It is specifically the ...See More
Apr 13, 2012
anon There's a book you can prep for the Civil Rights test although the book's price will set you back about 30 dollars. There is no other way to prep for it. The questions are mostly situational questions like what should a teacher do in this case, that sort of thing.

[link removed]

This book gives you an idea of what the test quest...See More
Apr 13, 2012
anon I need to revise my post and say the new tests from Pearson are the same, irrelevant tests that ORELA and MSAT are but a different outfit has been outsourced to test people.

Whoever deemed that elementary teachers have to know everything about what they teach but who do NOT need to be "experts" in the different subjects they teach but DO ...See More
May 9, 2012

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