Re: Anxiety about job opportunities in Portland

    Health care is about the only thing where there is any hiring at all, and
    who can stand the hours and the working conditions?

    On 12/11/08, TT -- What area would suggest? NFM wrote:
    > On 12/11/08, TT wrote:
    >> In truth, why is anybody even bothering to go into teaching?
    >> Almost ALL of the states are hurting economically, districts are
    >> hurting and cutting back. As harsh as it sounds, try to find
    >> something else to do unless or until the economy bounces back.
    >> On 12/06/08, TeachinTucson wrote:
    >>> What I was told by a recruiter in Beaverton is that there is a
    >>> glut of teachers in the entire Northwest. Unless you have
    >>> something (or someone) that really sets you apart from the pack,
    >>> or you are ready and willing to relocate, I would advise that
    >>> you choose a different profession. Many people substitute for
    >>> years and never get hired full-time.
    >>> On 11/23/08, Brenda Parazoo wrote:
    >>>> I am nearly in the same boat as you. I'm accepted and ready
    >>>> to begin my MAT in January. I know people in the Central
    >>>> Oregon area who have not been able to get jobs at all. In
    >>>> fact, I know of an Education Assistant who is a certified
    >>>> teacher from California but never was able to land a job as a
    >>>> teacher here. We have at least 2 Universities graduating
    >>>> teachers every year here. The jobs aren't unlimited. I'm
    >>>> scared to have a $20,000+ loan to pay back, and then not be
    >>>> able to find a job to pay the loan off. I guess I would like
    >>>> some teachers from all over Oregon to answer the
    >>>> question... "Is it a bad time to get a teaching degree?"
    >>>> On 11/18/08, ~ a wrote:
    >>>>> Hello there, I am an undergraduate student at PSU, about
    >>>>> one year away from applying/entering PSU's Graduate School
    >>>>> of Education to receive my state certification for teaching
    >>>>> elementary ed. The posts I am reading here, and the hearsay
    >>>>> I have collected are painting a grim picture in terms of my
    >>>>> hopes to eventually land a teaching position in the
    >>>>> Portland area! I could consider working across the river in
    >>>>> Washington, I suppose, but moving out-of-state is not
    >>>>> really an option for me.
    >>>>> I am wondering if anyone on this board has any input,
    >>>>> advice, or suggestions to this aspiring young teacher.
    >>>>> Thanks! ~ a