Re: There are no new teaching jobs in Oregon!
    Bonnie Jones

    On 1/15/09, It's bad. wrote:
    > Our district is going to lay off a bunch of teachers.
    > If there are any jobs anywhere in Oregon, WHERE?
    > On 11/23/08, Brenda Parazoo wrote:
    >> I am nearly in the same boat as you. I'm accepted and ready
    >> to begin my MAT in January. I know people in the Central
    >> Oregon area who have not been able to get jobs at all. In
    >> fact, I know of an Education Assistant who is a certified
    >> teacher from California but never was able to land a job as a
    >> teacher here. We have at least 2 Universities graduating
    >> teachers every year here. The jobs aren't unlimited. I'm
    >> scared to have a $20,000+ loan to pay back, and then not be
    >> able to find a job to pay the loan off. I guess I would like
    >> some teachers from all over Oregon to answer the
    >> question... "Is it a bad time to get a teaching degree?"
    >> On 11/18/08, ~ a wrote:
    >>> Hello there, I am an undergraduate student at PSU, about
    >>> one year away from applying/entering PSU's Graduate School
    >>> of Education to receive my state certification for teaching
    >>> elementary ed. The posts I am reading here, and the hearsay
    >>> I have collected are painting a grim picture in terms of my
    >>> hopes to eventually land a teaching position in the
    >>> Portland area! I could consider working across the river in
    >>> Washington, I suppose, but moving out-of-state is not
    >>> really an option for me.
    >>> I am wondering if anyone on this board has any input,
    >>> advice, or suggestions to this aspiring young teacher.
    >>> Thanks! ~ a

    I'd say keep up the good work, and don't let anything stop you.
    Teaching is a wonderful career, and it sounds like you're on a
    great track--don't lose heart.