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Injured teacher sues over assault
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NEW HAVEN — Anthony Caprio says he is seeking justice
because of injuries he suffered when he came between two
angry Hillhouse High School students, but he also is
advocating better protection for teachers, including

Caprio alleges in a civil lawsuit that he was seriously
injured when he tried to break up a dispute between two
female teens in a corridor of the high school in May 2006

Caprio, who was there as a substitute teacher, who was a
prominate business owner who was "subbing" for no other
reason to save money for his upcomming marriage; filed the
civil lawsuit against the New Haven Board of Education and
the city of New Haven. He is seeking more than $15,000 in
damages for alleged pain, suffering, emotional distress
and loss of income.

But Caprio also wants state legislators to pass a law that
would r...See More
David mattice Anyone that steps into a public high school whether to "sub" or teach full time there after attaining a teaching degree should be full aware of the tensions that may arise between students or faculty. This is a male teacher who intervenes with two female students that are arguing with each other and fails to get another teacher or any member of the...See More
Sep 28, 2012

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