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I am currently planning on moving back into the new england area. I am currently texas certified with a major in Kines and a minor in Special Education. I have six years of teaching Special Education. Do you know if I would have to take the RI certifiation tests? What is the demand for Special Education Teachers in RI?

Thanks to all that reply!!
massesl I can't help you with your specific questions, but I'd recommend getting ceritified in Massachusetts and/or Ct as well (depending on which part of RI you will be in). RI's a small state, and pretty typical to commute to other states to work (I live in RI anmd teach in MA). I know to get sertified to teach in MA though you will need to take their te...See More
Sep 4, 2011
riteacher I've linked the page of the main state site that deals with teacher certification. By using the links on the side you should be able to find the information you need.

Be advised that when they say 3 months they mean that or longer. So start your certification process well before you plan to move.
Nov 13, 2011

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