Re: Infinite Campus Woes

    Some good creative writing here. You might enjoy the link below.

    On 8/19/07, IT Mike wrote:
    > oh campus my campus... my infinite campus
    > how doth thee torment my wretched soul
    > when I call to thee my soul black with despair
    > you spurn me, shun me, push me into undertow
    > no time
    > no question
    > no resolution
    > nothing...
    > I dream of when we first met
    > Fields of daisies, Arden hills
    > I held your hand in mine
    > RAPTURE!
    > but today I am nothing
    > as new love calls you beyond
    > bluegrass and whiskey sour your breath
    > a poison kiss seals your fate
    > you are lost
    > we are lost
    > tomorrow holds no promise
    > our children left behind in dazed confusion
    > a master of schedules lost in time and space
    > one coffee stained transcript of the played
    > intervals of time sound without record
    > the pedagogue of reality shakes a finger guilty
    > infinite clicking sounds the alarm
    > i am guilty
    > my love for you... my scarlet letter
    > I am damned for my infinite love
    > alone in silent dismay
    > you are gone
    > infinitely gone

    The Future Of Infinite Campus