Re: Infinite Campus Woes

    Infinte campus has so much potential. Too bad it's outdated and
    filled with so many glitches it's not even funny. I hope they
    update the software very soon because as it is right now it seems
    as though its software from 1999.On 11/12/06, carrie wrote:
    > I would like to print reports from all classes at once instead of
    > having to go to each individual class. I'd like to be able to
    > select the classes, make my choices and hit print. Going to each
    > screen is a pain. I'm mainly talking about student reports.
    > On 9/21/06, Julie Holmes wrote:
    >> On 8/21/06, DM wrote:
    >>> On 8/16/06, Brandon Jones wrote:
    >>>> Is there anyone else out there besides me who can't stand
    >>>> ClassBook? What other grade book options are you using?
    >>>> Thank you.
    >>> I created my own "gradebook" on Excel. My super seems fine
    >>> with it.
    >> I am the Account Manager for Infinite Campus in SD. I am
    >> curious as to where you are teaching in SD and if you are
    >> using the DDNCampus Gradebook. If you are using DDNCampus and
    >> would like to share with me the reasons that you can't stand
    >> the gradebook I would like to hear from you. We are always
    >> open to suggestions on improving customer useability.