Re: Infinite Campus grade book

    Our district was one of the early adopters for IC. We are in the
    process of implementing the Grade book. I see from some of the
    posts that it is not what it sounds like. Our IC rep e-mailed me
    the Power Point they use for the training. I played with it and
    so far it seems OK. BUT.... that is how other things appeared in
    the beginning.
    Any FYI's will be helpful our training is October 18th.

    On 9/17/07, Wil Wiemann wrote:
    > I am trying to figure out how to move students up and down in my
    > grade book. We have roster changes all the time and i don't
    > want them to be put in my grade book in alpha order. I want
    > them at the bottom to mirror my handwritten grade book, so when
    > I put grades in I don't have to pay attention to where the new
    > kids are, they are at the bottom. Any suggestions
    > Thanks