Re: outlook for experienced teachers in WA

    On 11/03/12, Moving to WA wrote:
    > It is likely I will be moving to WA near Anacortes. What
    > is the outlook for an experienced elementary teacher (13
    > yrs in 1st, 2nd and 5th combined)? Will my out-of-state
    > certificate transfer?

    I just moved here 6 months ago so I am just learning about the
    system. We live in the Marysville area south of Anacortes. I
    have taught elementary for 8 years at different grade levels.
    What I have learned about this area: You must have a WA
    state license. For me this included taking the West-B and the
    West-E tests. They are costly and the time to process them
    is long. Therefore, it has taken me several months to even
    get close to getting my WA certificate. I have also been
    learning about hiring in this area. There are many small
    districts here, but they seem to work the same. There are
    few openings due to cut-backs. Also, when there is an
    opening it is often offered only for one-year on a contracted
    basis (meaning no benefits or continued job next year).
    Another item is they tend to only want people with a Master's
    Degree or higher.