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Reposting in hopes of more responses.

I just began subbing in my district and was wondering if you could give me a few tips.

If I were to be the sub in your classroom:

1. If applicable, and time allowed, would you appreciate being contacted directly by the sub the day before they enter your classroom?

2. If you have lesson plans available, I would certainly make sure the class gets them. However, in the event the students finish the work early, and there is, say, 30 minutes left of class time, what would you suggest the sub do? Should I have an arsenal of my own worksheets available?

3. What sort of info would you like to see in an End of Day note from the sub regarding your class?

Any other suggestions and ideas are appreciated! TYIA
Miss BTL Every teacher has their own preferences, but I'll give you mine anyway. I don't care if the sub contacts me or not. It's not usually done, though. As for thirty minutes left of class... That's most of HS classes, so I'd wonder what sort of plans the teacher left--and so would the kids. They would revolt if you were to pull a worksheet for them out ...See More
Sep 6, 2017
Mozart Thank you so very much!!!
Sep 8, 2017
Mozart Thank you so very much!!!
Sep 8, 2017
Stephenteacher Here is a plethora of sub teaching tips http://www.stephencarr.com/sub.html
Nov 18, 2018

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