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After a VERY brisk (low 20's) walk to and from school with the 7 year old, I jumped into the car and did 17 miles on the spinning class. No pain left from my fall a month ago so it was back to normal.

I participated in a balance study at the local university. It was interesting even though I won't ever know what they learned when it's all done. They measured the strength of each foot and how well I can feel the bottom of my feet. They tickled different parts of the bottom of each foot with various filaments. Then they put me in a harness like they do for rock climbing before the work began. They velcroed sensors around my head, upper arm, upper chest, waist, thigh and calf. For 1 minute 40 seconds I had to stand on this treadmill like looking platform that moves in unexpected ways and without holding onto anything try to keep the board horizontal. 2 minutes off and the then do the 1 min 40 second stage again. This went in for about an hour and a half. They already did the coll...See More
Elaine/ret/IN Men, so happy that you're totally recovered. Wow--what a study that was! It sounds exhausting. It's a bummer that you won't really see results, but it's wonderful that you were willing to do this. Balance is so important to us Medicare set.

I'm being more faithful in my walking these past few days. 3 consecutive days of my 10,000 steps. Th...See More
Nov 10, 2017

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