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My name is Bill T. Been around since air was invented....well, more correctly, since the very inception of T net. Yeah, I'm still breathing. Heart is still pumping. It's been 18 years since my cardiac event; I will bet people at Cone Hospital in Greensboro are still talking about the avalanche of cards and letters I got from T net friends back then. I was and am still honored by it all. Just wanted to see how many of the "older timers" are still around! Happy New years y all!!!
Kathleen It's great to see you, Bill!

I think I qualify as "old" by any definition. It's good to see you posting! It's difficult to believe it's been 18 years since that cardiac event scared the heck out of your many friends here at T-net!

How is your second career going? Certainly you must be enjoying the warm climate while many of the ...See More
bill T/Fl it's relatively cold in Clermont; 45 degrees!!!
bill T/Fl it's relatively cold in Clermont; 45 degrees!!!
Novel Still here - been Novel for ages but used to be LadyT. Glad to see you posting and well. I remember your cardiac event too. You were kind when LordT has his big heart issues back in 2002 too. Stay well. Happy New Year xx

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