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Hello teachers :)

I was hoping that you all might be able to share your insights with me...

I have heard from lots of people that the career counsellors at schools are not particularly well equipped to help kids make decisions about their future. Not that career counsellors are to blame, instead there are so many career options these days that it can be really confusing and difficult for kids.

Whilst there are still traditional careers in the digital era there are so many other options to consider that it gets a bit overwhelming. And kids need to choose subjects relatively early to then lead into pathways i.e. apprenticeships, TAFEs, uni.

I wanted to check in to see if what I've been hearing is correct - how do schools help students make decisions about their future? How do counsellors/teachers help students pick subjects? Is this an issue?

Thanks in advance for sharing!
Novel It's certainly the case at my school that careers advice is limited both by time and the experience of the counselor. So many have no idea of what there is that is available to do. Most of our students will end up doing jobs that do not even exist yet! I have no idea how to resolve this though.
men52 I agree with Novel that most of these kids will end up doing jobs that do not even exist yet. One of our daughters works at a job that didn't exist when she was in college. She works in a very tech type job and she was a liberal arts major. Computers were just becoming part of our every day lives. What stood out in her background was her year as an...See More
Linda Nancy Barile is an award winning high school teacher who's written about this topic--a challenging one since, she says, there's always some students who don't want to go to college at all. She says there are many career paths for those students too, and teachers have to be ready to answer their questions and provide guidance for them as well, or th...See More
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