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Has any requested more time for the exam? If so, how was the process?
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Azarel Love How do you request more time and for what?
ss23 How can you request an extra time for GK?
Monipooh Go to the FTCE website and look for accommodations. I had a licensed psychologist write me a letter requesting for additional time for the FTCE exam
Mar 13
jeniffer Tallahassee give a grace of period for one year to take the exam, but if you temporary certification expire in the date that is in your certificate you are not going to available to work as a teacher.
Mar 13
jeniffer I mean that Tallahassee give a grace period for one year after you Temporary Teacher certification expire, but doesn't mean that you will available to work. The grace period is just to take the exam that you need to pass.
Mar 13

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