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I currently work in a completely different field and am considering switching careers and becoming a teacher in California. I am 29 and have an undergraduate degree from a top university in something completely unreated to teaching. I am interested in becoming a high school teacher in English, Math, or History, as well as potentially becoming a coach. I have a ton of questions for current teachers and the boglehead community at large.

1. What's the best way to try out teaching to see if it's a fit for me? I've looked into Teach For America, but its reviews are very polarizing. The most common arguments against the program are that it's overwhelming to be thrown into a low-income neighborhood where academics have never been a priority with little support and that that type of teaching environment isn't really comparable to teaching at a school in a better neighborhood.

2. Should I get my master's degree in education first? Or try to do it while teaching? Does where (sc...See More

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