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Hello Teachers, I know this is not where i should post this kind of message but I want to share with you all, the home is possible program for teachers, use this opportunity to own that perfect house you have being dreaming about.

Key Benefit for this program

1. $7500 in bonus money usable for down payment and closing cost.

2. Forgivable after five years ( if you stay in your home )

3. Below market fixed interest rate 30 years loan

4. Statewide Program

5. No First time home buyer requirement

Program Requirements

1. Must be licensed full-time K-12 public school teacher in Nevada

2. Qualifying income below $98550

3. Home price below $400,000

4. Minimum credit score of 660

5. Government insured loans only ( no conventional loans )

6. Teacher must live in home as primary residence

7. Home buyer education course required

8. Must meet standard underwriting re...See More

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