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Hi everyone! I am getting ready to take the GKT Reading test tomorrow in the Jacksonville area. I was curious if anyone has had the same passages after taking the test one after the other? Its seems like a lot of people are getting EADS, Healthy Living, Day of the Dead and Santa Ana Winds but I got those exact passages the last time I took it in June! just trying to narrow down my options! Let me know your advice!
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Yoyo I have had the same passages after taking the test one after the other.
Sep 18, 2019
PPanda How did u do? I hope you passed...…. share anything that can help others please.... thanks.
Sep 20, 2019
PPanda Hey Carsong, how did you do on your GK reading?
Sep 24, 2019
carsong PPanda I didn't pass the reading, I got passages vaccines, drama, Hollywood and graffiti! but I did pass the math! NAVAED really helped me pass the math.
Sep 25, 2019
PPanda Glad you passed math. which version of math navaed did u use? I took math a few months ago but didn't pass. I took workshops from the district, still didn't. I will take it last. right now I am focusing on reading and ESE. I had the same passages you did. I missed by 1 or 2 questions. I got 196 at that time. what area was that? county I meant?
Sep 26, 2019

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