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Hello, I recently took the Professional Education exam and I did not pass. I took the practice tests from FTCE cliff notes book and many of the question were different from the actual test. I would like to know if anybody has any notes or resources for the Professional Education tests that I can use. Also where is the best place that I should look into to study for the test. Thanks

Here is my email dano2313@gmail.com
sunflower Sorry to hear that. I saw this site today. Check it out. Forumsatozteacherstuff.com From there, find the group that talks about the Prof Dev... You may have to play with it til you figure it out
Dan Thank you sunflower, I will check it out. I got many of the questions right but not enough to get a passing score.
Sep 30
sunflower I actually was reading comments about the Prof Dev exam. Many people are frustrated >( I also have to take it eventually.....
Dan Yes I have heard. I am planning to purchase the NavaEd digital book because I hear people are passing on their first try form studying the materials from NavaEd. Best of luck to both of us!!
PPanda I don't know why someone in power doesn't take over and actually put together a study guide that is worth it. All there is is a bunch of morons trying to take advantages of people. Selling books that are nothing like the test. This should be illegal. No wonder there are many districts with high vacancies. Good, excellent teachers find themselves le...See More

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