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I have to retake Essay test for third time. Need help
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strawjerry1 " Some people say choosing a major when entering college improves graduation rates. What are the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a major upon entering college? " something like that.
jenny garcia Hi Srawberry1! do you the city?
strawjerry1 Test date: 11/6 Location: Lakeland, Florida.
strawjerry1 Here is another prompt from today 11/9: Many people rely on representatives of organizations of political, religious, of other groups. Explain two challenges that these representatives face when meeting obligations with their members.
María Hi everyone. I took the essay today. Nov.13 / Tampa. The essay topic was. Cost and benefits for companies that offer health education , exersises and other wellness programs . Sorry, something like this. I am exausted.
Nov 13

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