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Hello everyone! I took GK Reading, Math, and Essay and failed. For the essay I took it December 21st and my prompt was to talk about the cost and benefits of having a companies provide stress reduction.

For reading I took it January 6 and the passages I had was Food Additives, EADS, Day of the dead, Barefoot, something about paper can't remember the title.

I don't like math for nothing in the world but took it to see how I would do.

Can anyone give me advice or study materials that has helped them pass. I have to make sure GK is taken and passed before my temp. certificate expires. I'm not trying to wait to the last minute especially if I'm struggling with testing. Thanks in advance!

Bee HI Maxine, Do you remember some questions on the math exam, I took it last month and missed it. thanks
Jan 17

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