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We have travel advisories already in place for non-essential travel to various countries. The situation may change between now and the holidays, and new information may emerge, and if so, we will put out the travel advisories as necessary.

If there are no travel advisories, it is really up to the individuals to decide if they wish to go overseas, and if they do, to make sure they take all the necessary precautions - be vigilant, be mindful, try to avoid large crowds, and avoid contact with people around you who may seem unwell and might share or get the virus unknowingly.

If the virus continues to spread and the number of cases continues to rise in your area, we do have other actions, measures and tools we can make use of.

Aside from the social responsibility we emphasize, we could consider more social distancing measures at some stage, be it at schools or workplaces.

It is not going to stop the virus, but I think slowing down the spread and flatteni...See More

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