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Hello, I don't know if I am posting In the right place, but I was recently notified I would be non-renewed. I've been at this school for 5 years and the district for 7. The principal has never thought much of me because he is miserly and I am a bit more creative than he likes, but I digress. Last year I was diagnosed with a disability that was brought on by pregnancy. I took FMLA leave, but could not take FMLA this year. Principal gave me none of my disability accommodations (I asked for a printer which other teachers have, asked to be moved to a duty station off my feet... simple things). He put me on an improvement plan, but never followed through with the dates in the plan and did not come in to my room from October to February when I had my final appraisal. I got an attorney through my union in Texas to see if I could go to a different campus. He was not willing to entertain this idea and so the attorney said the school board usually sides with the administration and that he recomm...See More
HardissonHard Good afternoon! I should say there are a lot of different products nowadays that can help you to work and study from home. My friend has recently bought a printer with https://www.mrdepot.ca/products/canon-128-toner. And now he has a small home office. He does everything he did before in a real office without any issues.
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