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I took my GKT reading test for second time today at Miami location. I Passed the test. My passages were EADS,RUNNING BAREFOOT,HBCUS, Graffiti vs Primitive Art .I would like to say thank you for all the help received.
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Grasfresco Where did you take your test...in which location because I can't find any place to take it. Could you tell me how did you schedule? Thank you for your help.
Jun 10
Alisha Congrats on passing! Do you have any information that can guide me to prepare? My email is parmilmor@gmail.com
Jun 11
SD congrats on passing. any information you used to study can you please email it to me. I go on next week to text. my email is dowdells@gcpsmail.com
Jun 11
Teacher96 congrats on passing... please email the passages to galanga49@gmail.com
Jun 12
Sagè Hey carmenza can you please share the resources you use , will be taking mine next month at Miami dade . My email is sage9897@gmail.com thank you
Jun 12

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