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Does anyone know how reliable the quizlet is to the actual test.
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Alisha DJ please share the quizlet link Parmilmor@gmail.com
Jun 11
Sagè Can I get the quizlet link as well safe9897@gmail.com
Jun 12
Micbell When I went on Quizlet I could not find any passages. Plus I had two new passages that were dual passages. I wish someone could of told me where to find the passages before I took the test. I downloaded the Quizlet app but again no passages just people's notes. I passed the reading two days ago without studying bc usually if you read the question i...See More
Jun 12
rus432 When it comes to Quizlet you have to memorize the Q&A. They are worded exactly the same as on the tests. You really do not need the passages if you know the Q&A. I didn't read the passages at all when I took the test (once I noticed that the Q&A were the same).
rus432 For the link (which everyone seems to be looking for) just GOOGLE "FTCE GK Reading"....

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