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Good morning everyone,

I took my GKT Reading test and I passed!!! I can finally take the classes I need.

The passages that I got were:

- STEM Women

-Background Music


-James E. Buchanan

The only weird thing was I had gotten the James E. Buchanan passage before and the questions as well. I didn't study that one, but thank goodness I was able to still recall some answers.
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colourgurl21 @LULU29 i took it in the Naples/ Fort Myers area and thank you!!
nikki18 @colourgurl21 do you remember if STEM women had a lot of questions?
Oct 28
Gulu What is background music?? Please let me know
Oct 28
colourgurl21 @nikki18 it was the same amount on the quizlet
colourgurl21 @Alisha type in FTCE gkt background music and it should pop up

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