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hi everyone! i passed the essay on my second attempt! heres what I did:

- I did not use the navaed strategy for the essay this time. I used Dr. A's strategy on youtube. Follow his blueprint with learning liasions.

- LIST TWO POINTS! no more than 2! (ex. 2 strategies, 1 adv. 1 dis. ) I listed way too many broad points the first time.

- 4 paragraphs

- Specific thesis statement

- detailed examples in both body paragraphs

- 1 statistic in each body paragraph (related to your POINT mentioned)... so 2 stats in total

- No new information listed in conclusion

- Use words like "furthermore, moreover, in addition, for instance, for example"

- Dont change tenses (stay away from first person)

good luck everyone! you got this :)

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