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These seemed to be most reading sets from every county that I've seen over the past year and currently. Please comment below which set you had taken for this month and where did you take it? Thank you.

1. Buchanan

Day of the Dead /Food Additives

Healthy Living

Snow & Santa Ana Wind

2. Buchanan

Bare foot running

Day of the Dead /Food Additives

Paper mill

3. Catalonia

Drama & Censorship

Graffiti & Primitive Art

Women in Stem

4. Buchanan

Graffiti & Primitive Art


Drama & censorship

5. Buchanan

Alaskan Expeditions


Women in Stem

6. Buchanan




7. Buchanan

Graffiti & Primitive Art

Bare Foot Running


8. Drama & Censorship

Graffiti vs. Primitive Art
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Jasmine B. I took my first one back in November 2020 in Miami. I had Eads, Vaccine, Muzak, and I forgot the other one.
Apr 13
Jbean Thank you Sari! I Group 2 in Feb. Group 3 in March all of those passages have been around for years. I'm trying to figure out by process of elimination which set I'll get Saturday and studying all the ones I haven't had. So many quizlets to study.
Apr 13
V123co Thank you Sari, Jasmine and Jbean! I will look at the times I took the other two tests and try to remember what I got. The two times I was so shocked and I didn't know anything about this blog, so I didn't try to remember. In the mean time, I just wanted to suggest what I am doing. When I have very little idea of what the passage is about it helps ...See More
Apr 13
Jbean Thanks Vero! Good idea. I'll try that.
Apr 14
V123co You're welcome! I checked. My first test was in September and my last test was on November 13. I have checked 22 passages or quizzlets for the GK reading and I only recognize Catalonia, Vaccines, Women in Stem, Muzak, Buchanan Eads. Both times I ran out of time and I couldn't read the last passages.
Apr 14

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